Tuesday, 22 March 2011

I vowed not too...

...enter any shops in general and drugstores in special for a long long time but..I failed. I'm simply a person without the slightest hint of discipline. So what, that's what I gathered within the last 3 weeks :-)

Adidas Running shoes so I can start my new fitness regime as soon as I´m in England again (we will see...did I mention that I have no discipline ?!)
H&M sunglasses
H&M thin scarf
H&M flowery towel (was on sale for only 3€!)
essence Nail Art Remover (after reading on several blogs about it)
essence sun club eyeshadow box
essence eyeliner brush (god knows how I will master to use this one...looks scary)
essence liquid eyeliner in "London Baby"
essence eyeshadow fairytale "Humpty Dumpty" (on sale too)
Catrice eyeshadow in "Grey´s philosophy"
Catrice Blush in "Coral Sand" (don´t really use blush...but it was half price ;-))
Catrice Compact Powder (on sale too)
Bonjour Blus "Lilas D`or" (with the cutest product design ever)
p2 black crackling top coat (love it!!!)
...and my husband read my blog, thought I needed a treat again and got me the Marc Jacobs Eau so fresh "Daisy" I wanted for a while but never got round buying :-)


  1. The lack of discipline bit sounds vaguely familiar ;)
    BTW - Just assume that "my" building sites were all in a particular area of central London. Further assume that they are not a statistically relevant subsample of building sites at large. Hence based on my experience, we cannot generalise about what should happen in other boroughs, never mind in the rest of the country :) Confidence restored? I would hope so!

  2. Ohhhh you´re in germany right now?
    Was already wondering if yo really have any dm over there ;)
    Ich weiss nie, ob ich deutsch oder englisch schreiben soll^^

  3. @Mondbluemchen: Schreib wie es dir besser passt, ich freu mich ueber alle Kommentare :-)