Saturday, 19 March 2011

So finally last night my friend convinced me that I wanted to see this Til Schweiger film. I´m not a big fan of him, don´t hate him either - I liked "Barefoot" and I didn´t understand the hype about "Keinohrhasen".
The story is about Henry (Til Schweiger) who is a notoriously broke scriptwriter and a womanizer. He lives a chaotic life in his über-stylish loft in Berlin until he finds a charming, 8 year old girl standing in front of his door. Quite predictably little Magdalena is the daughter he never knew off....his love life, the life of the Tristan (who so far thought he was her father) and of Henry´s ex7new girlfriend are getting mixed up. And of course they all lived happily ever after.
The film was with 126min really long so I had too much time wondering about several things:
Why does Henry always wear the same clothes? Why does he own such a posh and stylish flat when he is supposed to be the one with no money? Why must pretty much everyone in the film be so filthy rich?  Why are the fire sirens you hear throughout the film all American and not German? Why does his kitchen look perfect one day after a big fire? Why does he always take a English style Taxi - in Berlin? Why does Tristan in one scene say he has to leave for the airport and does the same one day later?

Not a bad bad film but too long, with too many mistakes and very stereotypical characters. The only one I liked and who convinced me mostly was Tristan ( Samuel Finzi -a mix of Rubens Barrichello and Mikhail Baryschnikow).


  1. Haven't seen it yet... and they show it in the UK? That surprises me. Kinda. I have a little crush on Samuel Finzi, his eyes... his cute accent...

  2. I really liked the movie... after all at the end it pretends how childhood really should be ;)
    I didn´t expect much more than just a little entertainment when we went to the cinema and when we left it, I was smiling and in love Magdalena!

    I would never think about all that stuff you did while I'm watching the movie^^ this would only happen to me when I would have to watch an action movie - then I notice all the mistakes and wonder about many things ;)

    But you are right- how comes the kittchen was that clean and ok after the mess of the fire? ;)

  3. @Alice: Doubt that film would make it outside Germany - I´m in Germany at the moment :-) And the crush on Samuel Finzi I can understand veery well...