Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Love actually

I don't know how many times I have watched this must be at least 30 times and I'm still not the tiniest bit bored of it. People know it, yes, it regularly turns up at cheap dvd offers and the yearly christmas tv program, but: I think it always stands in the shadow of "Four weddings and a funeral" or "Notting Hill" (both films which I don't really like).
I saw it for the first time in cinema and fell instantly in love with all the different stories, how the tie up together and of course all the more or less lovely actors with their cute accents and eccentric behaviour. Back then I was still far away from finding my "destiny" in England...
Since then many things have changed, I fell in love with my husband and we together fell in love with this film again and again. The last scene at the airport is something we can so easily relate to as we still have to fly in order to spend time together again.

We know all the lines, I can't listen to "Love is all around" on the radio without daydreaming and we always think it is incredibly funny to say "Table! Ohhh, it's the same".
So one of my favourite films of all times, "our" film and now even our wedding bands say "Love actually is all around"...Kitsch? Maybe...but who cares :-)


  1. lol, one of my favourite movies too. and way better than notting hill or four weddings and a funeral!

  2. This scene in the car is my favourite :D I loooooooove the costume!